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Discount Club™

Preventive Maintenance with Extraordinary Benefits

Member Benefits

Seasonal Maintenance
A complete cleaning and tune up twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

No Need to Call
Once under contract, we will contact you to schedule your seasonal maintenance.
No need to worry about remembering when to call.

Members receive a 10% discount on all repairs.

Increased Equipment Life
Properly maintained equipment lasts longer, saving you money.

Priority Service
You receive service before everyone else (other than warranty calls and other Discount Club members).

$100 Rebate for Each Year of Membership
We will rebate you $100 for each consecutive year of membership when we replace your equipment. If that is 3 years from now, the amount is $300, 5 years from now, $500, etc. Who else offers that? (Maximum rebate is $800).

Provides Documentation
Ensures potential buyers of your home that its heating and cooling equipment has been kept maintained and in good operating condition.

Peace of Mind
You know it works; you know it's safe; and if there is a problem, you know who to call.

Automatic Renewal
No need to sign up every year. Membership is renewed annually upon payment or cancelled for non payment.

One-Year Labor Warranty on Repairs
Standard labor warranty is only 30 days on repairs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
You can cancel at any time, for any reason, with the unused portion of your dues refunded.

Maintenance Services Performed
  • Check refrigeration circuitry and freon levels
  • Inspect external side of compressor
  • Check CO reading in airflow
  • Inspect and clean firebox
  • Inspect and clean furnace flue
  • Check all safety controls for proper operation
  • Replace oil filter on furnace
  • Check and clean all burners
  • Check for any gas or oil leaks
  • Perform diagnostic test on thermostat
  • Perform diagnostic test on supplementary heating elements
  • Inspect factory wiring for corrosion and replace if necessary
  • Level both indoor and outdoor units
  • Clean away debris in and around outdoor unit
  • Clean condensing unit cabinet and wax if necessary
  • Check voltage and amperage draws
  • Inspect condensing unit fan blades
  • Clean evaporator drain pan
  • Clean condensation drain lines
  • Clean condensing coil (not just inspect)
  • Inspect and clean condensation pump
  • Clean evaporator coil (not just inspect)
  • Clean blower wheel and oil motor
  • Inspect blower belts and tighten
  • Install anti-algae tablets
  • Replace filters (1" filters are included)


Discount Club members will receive preventive maintenance services twice a year, once in the fall between September 1st and November 30th, and once in the spring between March 1st and April 30th. All services will be performed between 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Brady Flanary will contact you prior to schedule the day and time for service. Performing preventive maintenance does not eliminate the possibility of malfunctions but does ensure that such problems are caught early before your system stops heating or cooling. There are additional charges for replacing speciality filters, humidifier filter panels, and servicing dehumidifiers.

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